Enter The Fire.

Feel the fire...
Burning through
the Love
The Soul...
Calling across the sky
Feeling desire.
Enter the womb
The spark of life.

Creating fire...
Creating Love...
It is desire...
More than Soul...
To give Life...
To the fire.

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The Book "A Message From Angels" is the result of a hypothesis I had back in 1972. According  to
ancient Native American teachings there were four directions of the Soul and each one had a color. The
hypothesis was that in writing from my deepest  soul the colors would emerge and show hidden
meanings in my words in fact what they do is strengthen the meanings as well.
I call this Firesoul writing.
The "Red words" are "Passion" and "Fire".
The "Blue words" are Dreams" and "Soul".
The "Black words" are "Earth" and "Fear".
The "Green words" are "Hope" and "Growth".

Go back and read the poem by its colors...
Red, Blue, Black, and Green.

Now you are ready to enter the Firesoul Universe.

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