iamat1.com  We are here!
Sometimes it
seems as though
we live in a bubble.
We would like to be
somewhere but
where else is there
but here. Inside of
this bubble are a
multitude of
Some things are to
be considered, Some
things are to be
explored, some
things need to be
remembered. We will
continue to update
this site. Some things
will be removed.
Some things will be
added. Some things
will change. We hope
you will enjoy the trip
you embark on and
return to see what is
new. And if you see
something you like,
let us know. Peace!
P.S. Love above all things exists inside and outside of the bubble. You need to Love yourself first so that
you may Love others. You will find all sorts of things in life. Happiness comes From within. Music grows with
poetry and motion. Birds sing, Wolves howl, The Sun sets, we hope it will rise so we can greet a brand new
day. We live in the desert so we hope for rain... Not to much , just enough. And when ever possible use
OJAI MISTS... THEY SMELL SO GOOD IT IS PURE HEAVEN. They saved us during the wild fires by cleaning the
air from the smoke and made it easier to breath. but don't wait for the wild fires, Use them every day. A
Helthy body needs clean air and refreshed skin to clense the soul.   (Wolf/dog channeling the Doggylama)
"Jammin' In The Livin'room"
      by Johnny and Bon Bon